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As of January 2016, most of my artwork will be moved to (and new artwork will be uploaded at) my self-hosted gallery:

You can go there to rate pictures and comment. (^_^)

These stamps describe me and my work:

robot artist stamp by lambomill characters stamp by KrisiChiki Robot Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Italian artist stamp by FriFraRu Introvert by skinnyveestamp I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin Character Stamp by Arpie Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Luv Being Mom Stamp by Mirz123

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Just an Italian soul who (mother)loves robots.

** NOTE: I do NOT take requests and art trades. Commissions ONLY open in December and May/June (NO points, NO money, ONLY Amazon Gift Cards). I MIGHT draw gift art sometimes, but only for people I care about. Thank you. **

NOTE: I draw mom-robot breastfeeding artwork

Do NOT watch me if you can't tolerate this kind of content. My content is NOT KINKY and its pure in its spiritual meaning, but I understand there are different sensitivities and cultural/religious viewpoints about it. I respect you. All I ask is for respect and kindness in return. :) We can always talk via Notes!

For more information about my posting of this type of artworks and writing, please read these journal entry: and


I support Breastfeeding Stamp by InspiredInstinct

No-Copyright Attribution-Only License

Read it here: No-Copyright Attribution-Only LicenseThis is a personal license I developed for my original artwork.
**  Please note that this is a short version of the license I'm developing for my website. I will publish the link as soon as the site is ready. A copy of this license is present on the frontpage of my DeviantART account. **
Under the premise that you MUST recognize and respect my authorship and attribute it properly, feel free to:
- Draw fanart, write fanfiction, produce any fan work to make your heart content
- Distribute your fan work, get paid for commissions and sell your unofficial work (AS LONG AS you label it properly as "UNOFFICIAL" and "DERIVATIVE" work)
- Run ads and paid sponsorships on your websites based off my work
- Repost my original work UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: (1) You're writing a commentary or review of my work; (2) You properly attribute and watermark the copy of my work you upload on your website.
- Resell my original work without permission

~ * ~

Remember Robin williams ( Star ) by Ehsartem


If anybody's interested, my free PDF guide "How To Create A Blogging Character (For Fun And Profit)" is online! :w00t:…
World Breastfeeding Week - It's Mommy's Love by RoboMommy
World Breastfeeding Week - It's Mommy's Love
I know it's not August yet, but I might be very busy around client work and other projects in August, so I caught the opportunity to do it now while I can.

As a breastfeeding supporter, this is my contribution to the World Breastfeeding Week, taking place from August 1 to 7 every year since 1991. Here is the event's website if you're interested:

I tought of making a piece featuring me and two of my sweet lil' ones. :cuddle:

Dedicated to all my children, for making my life a beautiful journey. :heart:

I love you.

:thumb151707897: :thumb207999820: :thumb143031679:

© 2016 Luana Spinetti

This image uses the Helvetica Neue font and a heart brush by redheadstock.
Hi my sweet friends! Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5]  Here are some news from me.

'Commissions open' free icon by hase-illustration
Right fella (Reactions) Please read this journal entry if you are interested! I may up the slot in June if my health allows for it.

Also, as I work through the commission list, I will work also on some ex-commissions and gift artworks that piled up over the months and years (no, I haven't forgotten about it).

Pings: Shinjuchan Note me about your commission idea, if you're still up to it :thumbsup: revamp 

About DeviantArt 

I might pay for a Core in 2017 if my budget grows a bit more. I'm still moving old artwork to and I will use my self-hosted gallery for most of my work, BUT I'm considering the upgrade because there are some functions I want to use again. No, I haven't changed my mind on DeviantART making a bad business decision when they removed the $25/year plan, and I have all the intention to let them know any way I can, but I've been a DA member for 11 years and it feels like a second home, so I want to give it a try for one year and see how it goes.

As for
  • Now you CAN register an account to be able to comment on my submissions! :squee-love: - PLZ
  • All the watermarked versions of the commissions I draw for you, gift artwork and everything else will be uploaded there and not here on DA (trying to keep my gallery small and focused here)

Fella Heart Kiss (Love) Art Schedule

You should see the following artworks coming up in my DA gallery in the next 4 weeks:

And on

  • A full-figure illustration of my Destroyer and Ceron characters (Robocity)
  • A bust illustration of my Oil-Fender character (Robocity)
  • A 14-year old version of my Electronian daughter Scarlette Amy Berter
  • The watermarked versions of any commission I'll manage to complete and a gift artwork for my son Ron (striker0)

I will also update the Robocity and Berter Family deviations in my gallery with the new work.

Betareader Emote Q&A

On April 25 I posted a status encouraging you to ask any questions you have about me as a person, and how I would answer them in my next journal entry. Here are the answers to the questions I received so far (feel free to add more to that status! I will reply in my next entry):

PrincessofDreams123 asks: Do you like cats or dogs better?

I'm not very fond of animals in general, but when I'm around cats I tend to feel a little annoyed, as if they were rivals threatening my territory (yep, I'm a very territorial being). I don't feel that with dogs, I like how they have a kinder approach to me. It depends on the dog, of course: some dogs are so hyperactive that my shields go up immediately and I keep at a distance (it also scares me when dogs jump all around me). In general, though, I'm okay with having either cats or dogs around for a short time as long as they limit themselves to a sniff and a caress and then leave me alone.

P.S. It goes without saying that I don't want pets, right?

Ampliflier asks: How many web sites do you have?

Ugh, veeery difficult question you ask. :stare: So... I own 30 domain names and connected blogs, but I also have more blogs at various subdomains (of my domains or other website).... so that would add up to 200+ websites overall. I do NOT update them all the time, it would be impossible! I prioritize, so there are blogs that have an update or more a month and blogs that I update once a year. I try to go with the flow of inspiration and, of course, websites that have at least something to do with with my freelance career have absolute priority.

P.S. That also means I haven't been able to work on for about a year because with all the health issues I barely had the energies to work for clients and my business blogs. ^^; I try, darlings...

Hrodwulf123 asks: Do you play computer games? If so, which is your favorite genre of games (roleplaying, adventure, strategy or something else)?

I play simple computer games like Angry Birds, Super Tux and Super Mario Bros and never for over two hours a week. I'm really not a gamer. I also have a Transformers Armada game for PS2 that I haven't played in years (on my sister's PS2, because I don't have one of my own). I like arcade games and strategy games for the most.

Now MY question to you: What is the less commented artwork in your gallery? (Link it in the comments and I'll come take a look and comment it myself :thumbsup: )

Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] Opening My Heart to You

:ShutUpandTakemyMoney: One of the biggest purchases for my robot project next year is...

... this:…

Yep. A $250 worth of 6-wheel base for my Rollerbot (hence the name, really). And it's a beauty! la in love 

:daring: Daring a bit on my personal blog (

I recently found the guts to open a blog series called Sensitive Topics, where I pretty much share my take on various aspects of life, beliefs and the human condition. I'm trying to come out of the closet and be more open about myself, the person I am, my beliefs and lifestyle.

That is NOT to teach anyone how to live and what to believe, though! It's simply to be honest about myself, because that's also the only way to find like minds and kindred souls out there.

I also want to talk about these things from the perspective of an open-minded and open-hearted Catholic (which I am), even though I'm sure someone will popup in comments sooner or later to assume things and label me a something-phobic (just for having certain beliefs and not others). I chose to not care and to not let it depress me again, because just as I respect others' beliefs, I want mine to be respected, too. Besides, nothing changes even if we call something with different names or we live it differently. Nobody gets hurt and we can always disagree respectfully. It's really not that hard. Also, the people who know me always felt safe and respected with me, even when our disagreements reached star level.

Yup. La love 

Not sure when I'll get started with this series; I'll probably wait to be done with the work marathon and the big stress, because I'm emotionally weaker when I'm almost burning out.

Here is a link to my first Sensitive Topics blog post if you want to check it out. If you do, I'd love it if you could leave a comment. Thanks <3

:kirbyla: My second big dream is...

I haven't shared this yet with anybody, because I needed time to make order in my thoughts about it, but my second dream after building a real robot (that's my first big dream) is to have a office outside of the home to work in on busy days.

I'm a work-at-home person due to my health issues and social anxiety (and because freelancing just suits my personality), and I know I'll want to work from home anyway when I'll have a baby for the first year or two of the little one's life, but in general I really want my little place where I can be independent and on my own -- my office, the place that is only mine to work and dream in.

Who knows, maybe one day my sweet Simone and I will have a big house with many rooms where I can turn one into my office, but... it would still be home. I really wish I will be able to afford a place somewhere outside of the home, but hey if that's not possible, even a home office wouldn't be bad.

As long as I have a place I can call my own.

Thank You Hearts Sign 
  • Reading: Blogs for fun and work
  • Watching: YouTube videos on robot components

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