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These stamps describe me and my work:

robot artist stamp by lambomill characters stamp by KrisiChiki Robot Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Italian artist stamp by FriFraRu Introvert by skinnyveestamp Luv Being Mom Stamp by Mirz123


UPDATE 13/02: Please let me know how looks and works for you! I need some feedback ^^

Hello my sweet friends! Lovely Shoujo (Hi Hello) [V2]  Things are going well in life and work; my muse is also back, both to continue my novels and short stories, and all my other fictional worlds, including those strictly connected to my imaginary family -- the Berter family, but you may have known it as the Prime family in the past, when it was still mostly fanfictional; now, with all the changes and "transfers" as I explained in On Motherhood and YOUR Characters, the family also changed last name to 'Berter'.

Planet Yoreh is an alien world from an alternate universe that I created to transfer my motherly feelings for the mummies from Mummies Alive!, the 90s cartoon show I still love so much. Yoreh is a world where no "modern day" technology exists; the way people live there reminds of ancient Rome and other places in the B.C. era. Yoreh is organized in city-states, each ruled by a Regnant, and the economy is based on currency that was agreed upon by the First Regnants (the first to rule city-states upon their creation in Yorehn history). At the point in the story when I meet those that will become adopted children, there is a war between the city-state of Nabina, where they live, and that of a Regnant called Rufus, who aims to take control of the nearby city-states to increase his power.

Yorehns are amphibious beings; they can breath even in water, but they can't live in water for more than six hours in a row. Their skin is green-ish, their hair color ranges from gray to white.

There are four Yorehns I adopted in my imaginary family; three of them are in the artwork below (sorry, I have yet to color these guys):

*click on the picture to open a new window with a larger version of this image*

In this picture:
  • Jarlan O'Mazet, chief of the East Section of the royal palace of the city-state of Nabina, planet Yoreh.
  • Aleron O'Kath, chief medic and strategist of the East Section of the royal palace of Nabina.
  • Naara E'Tosan, medical assistant of Aleron at the East Section.
I didn't ink Azher O'Sonek, construction worker of the city-state of Nabina, so he's not present in this picture.

Jarlan represents Ja-Kal in my heart; Aleron represents Rath; Naara represents Nefer-Tina. (And of course, Azher represents Armon.) I kept a few similarities with the mummies from the show, if you look closely (as well as in their backstories; for example, Ja-Kal lost his wife and son to the past, while Jarlan never got married, his girlfriend married another man and their son, that he raised himself, died at age 7 due to an illness).

However, even in this case, they're not the same characters.

I hope to upload some colored pictures (to my self-hosted gallery, that I will link here in journals like I did today) next week. For the story, I'm still working on it, and I will share it as a PDF ebook to any good soul and friend who will like to read it -- beware, though, that I do write scenes of mom-child bonding through breastfeeding even when the child is not a little one anymore, even an adult; more about it here This may be my only hope... (IF YOU READ, BE KIND) and here If you're watching me and haven't received a Note. So if you don't want to read those parts, let me know in advance and I will censor them from your file.

Other Upcoming Updates

I'm also working on my adoption story with Seedpost, the Electronian robot I created to transfer my motherly feelings from Sidian07's OC Dragonslash (that you should definitely check out :goodjob: revamp Please!).

To give you a few hints: Seedpost was a victim of a terrorist attack in a suburb of Delea-City on planet Electronia; he was talking university plans with his parents and sibling at dinner, but when the bomb exploded, he lost everything, including the left half of his body, that was patched with spare components and parts. When I meet Seedpost, it's inside the hospital where he's trying to heal his body scars, but especially his emotional ones. He's a pacifist and doesn't want revenge over the terrorists, but he does want justice. I'm in the hospital with my ex father-in-law Advancer One, who's a member of the Electronian Council and is taking care of the case, because I wanted to see if I could bring a bit of comfort to those poor robots who lost everything; that's how I meet Seedpost. When I return to the hospital a week later, he tells me he's missed me, strangely, and I do too, so... that's how story begins. Cutie Thumbs Up

Stay tuned! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Yay Hurray) [V2] 
Breastfeeding my robot son RAL
Please, read WHY I'm posting breastfeeding artwork, writing and sketches again: This may be my only hope... (IF YOU READ, BE KIND)

I can't tell you much about RAL because he's part of a secret project in robotics I'm developing. However, whether fictional or real, RAL is my son and this is not just food for him-- it's a bond between us, as mother and child. I could never carry a robot in my womb, but through the bond of breastfeeding, being human and robot doesn't matter anymore. We're only mom and child, purely and simply.

UPDATE: You can now read something about my robotics project at Robospins here on DA.

Media: pencil, ink

I'm going to color this picture as soon as I can. =)

RAL (c) Luana Spinetti
And I belong to myself, of course.
I Missed You - Comic by RoboMommy
I Missed You - Comic
One-page comic I drew for the comics school back in 2008.

It was an exercise in traditional coloring techniques (Ecoline, inks, maybe acrylics, but can't remember) so the story was up to us students. I wrote and drew something that's closely related to my feelings and robot stories.

"I missed you" is the story of a young human-robot couple. =) Not sure, but I may write a short story about it in the future.

Story and characters by Luana Spinetti. License: NCAO/CC-BY 4.0 (see my DA page for information).

Journal History


RoboMommy's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Just an Italian soul who (mother)loves robots.

** NOTE: I do NOT take requests, commissions and art trades. I MIGHT draw gift art sometimes, but only for people I care about. Thank you. **

NOTE: I draw mom-robot breastfeeding artwork

Do NOT watch me if you can't tolerate this kind of content. My content is NOT KINKY and its pure in its spiritual meaning, but I understand there are different sensitivities and cultural/religious viewpoints about it. I respect you. All I ask is for respect and kindness in return. :) We can always talk via Notes!

For more information about my posting of this type of artworks and writing, please read these journal entry: and


I support Breastfeeding Stamp by InspiredInstinct Stamp: Diversity by pralinkova-princezna

No-Copyright Attribution-Only License

This is a personal license I developed for my original artwork.

Under the premise that you MUST recognize and respect my authorship and attribute it properly, feel free to:
- Draw fanart, write fanfiction, produce any fan work to make your heart content
- Distribute your fan work, get paid for commissions and sell your unofficial work (AS LONG AS you label it properly as "UNOFFICIAL" and "DERIVATIVE" work)
- Run ads and paid sponsorships on your websites based off my work
- Repost my original work UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: (1) You're writing a commentary or review of my work; (2) You properly attribute and watermark the copy of my work you upload on your website.

- Resell my original work without permission


Also, please NOTE that while you can even sell the unofficial work you produce, it will NEVER be official work (which I only can produce) unless we come to a different agreement.

:bulletred: Exceptions: Work that was commissioned or drawn for others -- you must ask the commisioner or the person I drew for if you can use the artwork I provided. If they agree, then go on and use it. If they don't, please don't use it.

:bulletred: Piracy: Under the assumption that someone downloading commercial material does so because they're poor or in financial difficulties, I will approve of your downloads provided that you contact me to and let me know about your situation. Also, you can pay me in other ways than monetary compensation for work. That will be discussed by email.

Thank you!

LAST UPDATED: 19/06/2014

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